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The newest hottest treatment on the market is actually cold. Yes. Hot off the beauty treatment press. The hottest treatment to hit the streets is, indeed, cold. Quite cold, actually.

What is it?

Cryolipolysis (cryo-lipo) is an a non-invasive alternative to liposuction. Much the same as liposuction, it is the removal of fat cells that are resistant to exercise or dieting. Those very stubborn fat cells that just won’t go away. Normally achieved in one or two treatments.

Cryolipolysis will help you reduce your fat layer, eliminating fat cells held, thus giving you a slimmer, more contoured outline. Once eliminated, the fat cells are removed forever. It has to be noted that whilst the fat cells are permanently removed, over-intake of fat will still be absorbed by fat cells (although these are now fewer in number), but the fat will be 'sent' to other fat cells in the body. A sensible food regime and exercise will see maximum effects.

Cryolipolysis rids you of stubborn fat by reducing the number of fat cells in a localised area and, therefore, the fat thickness layer of your skin, but may not rid you of loose fat. Reducing your fat content will help you lose inches, but it may be necessary to stimulate the tightening and new production of collagen in the treated area. For this, you will require a subsequent radio frequency skin tightening treatment.


How does it work?

Very simply, 'Cryo' means involving, or producing, very low temperatures, and that is how it works. The fat is literally frozen (via heat extraction), and as a result these fat cells (adipocytes) are killed (a process call apoptosis) without damaging the cells around them, and disposed of through the body by its natural metabolism.

Unlike liposuction, there are no needles, no anaesthesia, down time or associated risks to liposuction. The procedure involves targeting a ‘problem area’ such as ‘love handles’, belly, flanks or thighs or even knees and directly freezing those exact cells in the subcutaneous layer of fat (the layer of fat below the skin). 

What will I feel during the treatment?

The procedure involves placing a cryolipolysis head to the area to be treated, a gentle vacuum will draw the skin into the head for maximum effect. A protective sheath will be placed on the area to be treated. You will feel cold in the area being treated, but this should never be unbearable. The skin is likely to be red in the next 24 hours. Occasionally, light swelling and bruising may occur, but this should last no longer than a few days or a week, at worst.

How long will it take to see results?

Depending on your immune system, it may be possible to see a slight difference in three to four days. But, for your body to totally flush away the eliminated fat cells, and for you to see real results, this will probably take three to four weeks. Results can continue to be seen up to six months after the procedure, when the body has had time to successfully rid itself of the frozen cells. Treatments required are normally one or two per area (e.g. abdomen, “love handles”, flanks etc.).