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Anti-Aging Oxygen Facial

What is it?

It is the latest non-invasive procedure to hydrate your skin and give it a plump and fresh look. It can also reduce fine wrinkles.

We may not be able to make you sing like Madonna, but we can make your skin look as beautiful. Many A-list Hollywood celebrities have claimed they can't leave home without these treatments, have had the machines installed in their homes and have personal beauticians travel with them to ensure they stay looking radiant. Used by many catwalk models before or after a show, and by A-listers prior to their red carpet appearances.

The oxygen facial is a combination of oxygen and a hyaluronic acid (HA) serum sprayed or infused into the skin, leaving your skin hydrated, looking physically plumped up, brighter and more vibrant. The treatment feels cooling and refreshing. The HA and vitamins are pumped deep into the skin with the aid of pressurised oxygen (hyperbaric pressurised oxygen) delivered with what looks like an airbrush.

The treatment is finished with a hydrating lotion to maintain the deep hydration of your skin. HA and collagen are found naturally in your skin which make you look young and healthy. After the age of 30, their presence begins to decline.

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How does it work? 

We oxygenate our bodies when we breathe, which is why exercise is good for us as we increase the amount of oxygen in our bodies, for it to carry out its metabolic functions. You intake 18% oxygen with every breath you take. Based on the assumption that if oxygen is good for the body, it is even better applied directly to the skin. 

As you get older, oxygen levels in the facial tissues naturally decline due to worsening circulation. By helping to restore your oxygen levels in the face you are helping to maintain healthy skin and help prevent the signs of aging.

The use of oxygen as the delivery mechanism for anti-aging serums, the absorption is greatly enhanced.  At high pressure the serums can penetrate deeper into the epidermis and be absorbed more effectively offering greater benefits.

Anti-aging creams containing, for example, HA or collagen are of a molecular size that prevents them from being passed into the epidermis. However, if applied at pressure into the skin, and at a lower molecular weight they can pass deeper into the epidermis.

Also, oxygen itself can be used to kill bacteria and give a healthy, clear complexion, and it can also help with acne problems.

What will I feel during the treatment?

The treatment is very relaxing, you will feel cool air being blown over your face and a gentle massage as the serum of hyaluronic acid and vitamins is gently pushed into the deep layers of your skin. Much more effective than the application of anti-aging creams, due to the hyperbaric oxygen enabling the delivery. Some clients fall asleep.

How long will it take to see results?

Immediate results should be seen. The skin should show a more even skin tone. Your skin should appear more fresh-looking and plump, and also feel so. Fine lines should be softened.

One treatment may show immediate results and be fantastic for a wedding or special event. However, to reap the full effects of the treatment, it is recommended that you have six treatments to really get your skin rejuvenating itself. In this time, the hyaluronic acid and vitamins which have been administered deep into your skin will have time to stimulate the production of the essential elements within the body for younger looking skin that diminish with age.

Treatments can be taken in intervals over days, or every month. It is recommended that top-up treatments should be taken every six weeks to maintain the fresh complexion.

We would recommend Dermaoxy Night and Day cream to ensure that your skin is adequately replenished and hydrated. We have chosen this brand of skincare for our clinic for its clinically-proven efficacy.

To find out more about the products offered, visit www.dermaoxy.com.