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What is it?

This is a redness of the skin, normally on the face, but it can also occur on the neck. Rosacea is more common in those who have a fairer complexion and is aggravated by many things, such as the sun, hot beverages and alcohol.

In some cases, there are additional signs which are semi-permanent, called matted telangiectasia, which is the dilation of the superficial blood vessels in the face.

Flare ups, from whatever trigger, can have a psychological effect on the person, causing embarrassment. These can be treated with prescribed medication, but the longer the flushes continue, the greater the chance of broken blood vessels in the face.

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How does it work?

We use Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), which is a flash lamp of intense light that is programmed to only emit certain wavelengths of light that directly target the haemoglobin (red blood cells in the blood vessels), thus damaging the vessels, rendering them less visible. They are then absorbed by the body and eliminated naturally through the body's lymphatic draining system. By targeting the haemoglobin, the surrounding tissue is not affected.

What will I feel during the treatment?

During the treatment, you will feel a slight tingling sensation, like an elastic band being pinged on the skin. This should never be unbearable. Topical anaesthetic cream may be applied prior to the treatment, to numb the area.

How long will it take to see results?

By the end of the first week you should see an improvement of the skin tone. The exact time depends on the severity of the rosacea. It is normal to expect to have five to six treatments to see the maximum benefit. These treatments should be taken one month apart, in order for your skin to fully recover.