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Rachel with her husband, Arne

Rachel with her husband, Arne

Rachel's Beauty World

Feel good in the skin you live in...

All you need for skin rejuvenation, fat and cellulite reduction, permanent laser hair removal and tattoo removal.

No needles. No downtime. No risks.

No big bills - pay as you go.

Exciting New Arrivals! Laser Facials, Laser Lipo. Amazing Thread Vein Reduction.

 1-3 treatments & see them go!


Here at Rachel’s Beauty World you will find all the very latest beauty treatments available today, friendly faces and a relaxed atmosphere. 

We are always researching and keeping up with developments to ensure that we have the very latest equipment to best treat you.

No need to hover around the door with fear and trepidation, come on in and have a look around, ask questions and generally get to know our world, Rachel’s Beauty world.


What are you looking for?

Perhaps you just want to look younger? – Well, don’t we all?! We have a range of treatments to make you look and feel just that. We may not be able to make you sing like Madonna, but we can make your skin look as beautiful.

Or perhaps you have a tattoo with the wrong name on it?

Or maybe an unsightly scar or blemish that you would like to get rid of?

Or, perhaps, the wardrobe monster came in the night and shrunk your clothes a few sizes? – We all have them hiding in our closets.

Whatever it is you are looking for to feel better in the skin you live in, we are here to help.