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Anti Cellulite RF Treatment

What is it?

Cellulite, unfortunately, resides in the very deepest level of our skin, which is what makes it, seemingly, impossible to get rid of. Anti-cellulite creams just don't get anywhere near it to be effective. This is also why IPL and lasers also cannot penetrate the skin enough to have any effect.

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How does it work?

Radio Frequency (RF) treatment allows deep heating of the fat cells. This effect on the tissue and the increased blood circulation means that the fatty tissues can then be naturally drained through the lymphatic draining system, hence reducing the appearance of cellulite. This should give the skin surface a smoother appearance.

RF treatment also stimulates the production of collagen. This is the main protein in your skin tissue and is vital for strengthening blood vessels and tightening the skin. After the age of 30, our bodies decrease in the production of collagen.

How long will it take to see results?

The effects are not immediate, although you will see some effect shortly after your treatment. However, the effects are cumulative. Treatments are recommended at monthly intervals, to allow your body to successfully eliminate the targeted fat cells and also to give the production of collagen time to work on your skin.

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